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We have manufactured faux book panels since 1992. Our bespoke service allows us to design exactly what you desire for your faux book project. Whether you want false books to cover a secret door, some cupboards or just to fill shelves we have the expertise to give you exactly what you want.

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How to Create a Secret Faux Book Door - Watch the video - Click here


What We Need to Know... Whether you are filling shelves or fixing to a flat surface


If you can provide the overall dimensions (in mm or inches) of the area you would like covered in faux books, we will give you a quotation. (A plan or sketch is very helpful)  We need to know if the (false) shelves are already in place and, if so, the height between them.  We recommend graduating the height of each row of faux books to add variety and interest

The Look

Formal – all books vertical, upright, very neat or informal – some horizontal books or deckled edges above the vertical?


The normal classic mix are shades of tans and browns with some burgundy red and some library / forest green.

Do You Have a Door to Think About?

You could use the frame or surround to look like a bookcase frame.

Which way does the door open?  Towards you - the frame can be built up around the door / faux books so that the thickness of the books (25mm*) falls within it. Away from you - a standard door architrave acts as the bookcase frame. * N.B. paperbacks require 35mm.

You may need to think about handles, doors & closures. Click here for more detailed information...

You can purchase individual faux book panels from our site or contact us by email for a quote if you have a project in mind.

Still more questions
– do not hesitate to contact us, we really do want to help you get your project under way and have lots of experience in working things out.



Then contact us on; +44 (0)1285 641664, email us, or use our contact form


International Case Studies


As featured in the "Andrew Martin Interior Design Review: v.14"

Photo provided by Sue Rohrer,


The Hotel Manoir Victoria is a traditional, luxury 4-Star hotel, located in the heart of Old Québec.

Our Faux Books were installed in the Hotel lobby, inside the old walls, completing the authentic, traditional feel of the grand hotel.



Extra things to think about if planning a faux paperback project


We use real paperback book spines and this determines the height of each row of books. Most paperbacks are 8” ( 200mm) tall. We can put single spines along the top of a row of paperback books to make it look as if a book has been ‘tucked in’ along the top of a row.  This allows for some variation in height to around 9” (230mm ) or an absolute maximum of 10” (250mm) .  If the false shelves are already in place, we need to know the height between them.  We will stick individual paperback book spines onto thin MDF and send you the MDF boards with spines attached, cut to the exact width you require, one board for each row of books.  N.B. You will need to allow 35mm thickness (this includes our thin MDF backing board) for paperbacks.