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How to Install Vellum faux books - What you need to do

5 Easy Steps Fitting could not be easier

How to Install

1. Background

Paint your background matt black / grey or dark brown. This can be any flat, firm surface ideally MDF or hardboard sheet, a panel door is fine.

2. False shelving

Prepare false shelving i.e. cut to size, colour ( paint or stain) to suite surroundings. 25mm square is recommended. This could have a plain or moulded edge. Glue and fix in place according to agreed layout. Using solvent based Gripfill (in a green tube)and hot melt glue.more...(FAQs false shelves)

3. Faux book panels

Open the first pack of faux books, it is best to start at the base and do one shelf at a time.

This will already have been selected to fit your dimensions by Original Book Works. Then do a dry fit as per the plan supplied.

4. Fixing

Apply solvent based gripfill panel adhesive to the rear of the book panel and then some hot melt glue ( to each corner) and fix the panel to the background you have prepared. Press firmly until the hotmelt glue sets. (Any marks can be touched up with a suitable felt tip pen). Repeat for each row of books until complete.

5. A final flourish

Once fitted, apply a light spray of household polish and buff up with a soft cloth. Stand back and admire with family and friends.

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