About Us

About original book works

We have been manufacturing our top quality faux book products by hand in Gloucestershire for more than 30 years. Each product is hand crafted for the highest quality and designed to faithfully reproduce the appearance of leather bound books.

Moulds are carefully made of genuine old books. Then the products are cold cast, using a unique formula to give an exact reproduction.

Each timeless classic is hand painted, gilded and finished and is then given our seal of approval. In these days of growing globalisation, we feel more than ever, that the quality we provide being a UK manufacturer is second to none.

Obw workshop

Faux Book Products & Accessories

We have expanded our ever-popular range of book accessories for the home and office.
The clean classical lines of our products look sensational in any setting from a modern house or office, to a stately home.

Faux Book Panels

We have expanded our range of traditional faux book panels. Do watch our ‘How to Make a Faux Book Secret Door Video’ on the Faux Books website to see how easy it is to create a stunning faux book ‘hidden door’. You can now have bespoke titles added to some of the panels and also a variety of our other products, like ledger boxes. Most products are available in five traditional colours: tan (brown), antiqued red, forest green, black and vellum (off white).

We continue to expand our range of traditional Faux Book panels and have a revised Faux Book catalogue out. Our paperback range is becoming well established. The paperback panels are real books, which have been cut down and set into blocks. As normal, we will create panels by hand to fit your requirements exactly.


Bespoke Projects

We have enjoyed a variety of bespoke projects this year, reproducing and creating faux products in a variety of finishes from leather and wood to metals and horn. If you have something you would like reproduced or manufactured, please feel free to contact us to see what we can do.