Creating a paperback faux bookcase

We are the first and only provider of paperback book panels, constructed from genuine guillotined books. We also supply mixed panels – containing both paperback and traditional faux book spines – for a more varied finish. Use them to fill empty bookcases or create hidden doors and cupboards and add character to your home.

Ordering and installing paperback or mixed book panels

We need to know:

  • The overall dimensions (mm or inches) of the area to be covered. A plan or sketch is often useful
  • How many doors are there?
  • The height of the beading/strips of wood you’re using for false shelves (so that we can provide an
    accurate layout)

We will then supply:

  • Panels of paperback spines pre-mounted onto 3mm backing board. The layout of the spines will vary, with the occasional horizontal spine, made to appear as though a book has been tucked in above a row of vertical books (as shown in the image below)
  • We can create panels with heights ranging from 180mm to 270mm tall

When you receive your panels

  • You’ll need to supply strips of wood for your false shelves. We recommend 38mm square however, the height can vary depending on the style you’re looking to create
  • The paperback panels can then just be fixed in place
Paperback secret cupboard door open
Paperback secret cupboard doors