Colours & Finishes

Antique Colourway

A variety of colours are available, all of which have a beautiful antique patina. The authentic and superior finish makes our books indistinguishable from those attractive, old preserved books which are admired and envied by many.

Colour chart traditional

The look of antique leather bound books in a variety of reds, greens, blacks and tans.

Colour chart pascale

Muted tones particularly suitable for modern interiors where stylised looks are needed.

Colour chart architectural

A mixture of our vellum, grey and traditional spines for a lighter feel.

Colour chart candide

A variation of the vellum finish incorporating some grey faux book spines.

Colour chart sage
Sage Green

Our newest addition. All of the spines are created using brown labels and gilding.

Colour chart vellum

A modern take on goat skin books which can have coloured labels, be gilded or left plain.

Colour chart parisienne

A late 19th Century French style in tones of Vellum and off White with a touch of Blush. Hand finished Guilding on some of the spines.

Paperback & Mixed

Paperback faux bookcase

Made using the spines of paperback books. Ideal in a more informal or contemporary setting.

Mixed faux bookcase

A combination of both paperback and antique book styles provides an informal layout.

Presentation Styles

Our faux book panels are typically presented in two different styles.

Colour chart sage

All books upright.

Layout informal

Some books stacked or on their sides.


As with our product range, we are able to offer personalised faux book spines by adding a title, name or logo to the spines.

This service has been particularly popular with car and aeroplane enthusiasts, along with hobbyists. The names of family members, pets, favourite book titles or quotes could also be added.

Just let us know the text and/or logo you would like to include on one or more of your spines and we'll do the rest.

Personalised Faux Book Spines