Door Hinges fall into two main categories:

A) Large doors that are in every day use.

These should be fitted with large hinges 4”   (100mm) – normally three hinges. If the door opens away from you ordinary butt hinges will work.(left).

If the door opens towards you, parliament hinges (below) are recommended as they throw the door away from the casement or the wall and means that the books and shelving do not foul the door frame and adjoining shelving and allow for a neat fit when shut. (Allow 25mm depth for false shelving & faux books attached to the front of the door). These are available in a dark bronze finish or brass.


B)   Cupboard doors.

These are normally not as heavy and you can use two methods -  long butt hinges (below left) and mount them as you would do for parliament hinges  - or a pivot hinge (below right).  This is totally hidden but only suits certain applications for constant use.  Hafele Ltd can supply a good hinge assembly in varying sizes to suit your needs. Cantilever hinges of the kitchen cupboard type can be used in certain situations where the door size is restricted as they will not support an unduly heavy door.

c) Video showing concealed hinges for a faux book cupboard or room door opening towards you.

As a contemporary alternative click here to see how Sugatsune concealed hinges allow the faux books to fit into the body of the door whilst allowing the door to open by 180 degrees.

The hinges are concealed. The door would need to be constructed specifically to accommodate the thickness of the faux book panels and false shelving (for vellum or antique books allow 25 mm, paperbacks 35 mm). This would be particularly appropriate for a cupboard door, e.g. to hide a TV.

We used HES3D – 120DN hinges

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