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How to Install Paperback Faux Books - What you need to do  

4 Easy Steps

You will need to allow 28 - 30 mm for the thickness / depth for the completed board of paperback book spines.

1. False shelving

Your strips of wood for the false shelves need to be 28 - 30 mm depth and we would recommend 25mm high.(more.. FAQs surrounds and false shelves). Use solvent Gripfill (in the green tube) to fix the false shelves the door.

2. Paperback Panels

Open the first pack of paperback book panels. This will have been prepared to fit your dimensions by Original Book Works. Then do a dry fit as per the plan provided.

3. Fixing

Apply solvent based Gripfill panel adhesive to the rear of the book panel and then some hot melt glue (to each corner) and fix the panel to your surface. Press firmly until the hotmelt glue sets, which allows the long lasting permanent Grifill adhesive to cure to its full strength.

4. A final flourish

Stand back and admire with family and friends.

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